As the notion converges, the design clusters.

Off where navigate the thought,or the pivot of the resolve
we ponder on the issues revealing view, one broke on through.

Swapping the path to where it gathers, it amasses standpoint
via containers by ocean currents.Handling, impacting on us, and hot up.

as design takes the sea — and vast harbor is seamen’s dream
land, keep their eagerness lighting up the future.

Exhibition Date: 2020/05/14 (Fri) ~ 05/21 (Fri) 9:00 – 18:00
Exhibition Venue: Shih Chien University, Building N, B2

Exhibition Date: 2020/05/14 (Fri) ~ 05/17 (Mon)
Weekdays:10:00-17:00 Weekend:10:00-18:00

Exhibition Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibiton Center, Hall 2, 1F