Several international cooperation projects have been
announced in
international exhibitions or played key role
in business
strategic transformation.


In order to improve students’ practice experiences, the department has worked with leading enterprises, including Acer, BenQ, Eupa, Sanyang, FET NET, Alcatel(Paris), Motorola(Beijing), Genius, Order, Foxconn , HCG, Da-Ya and other international businesses. The department also arranged students to have practice training in companies, such as Philips, Eupa, Acer, Benq, Nova Design, GE/FITCH, Era Design, BOD Design to name a few. In the mean time, the practical training extends to overseas design-related fields, such as red dot award(Germany), Hasbro(U.S.), Intentionallies(Japan), GRAF(Japan), Eoos Design(Austria), Pilotfish(Germany), Seiko Epson(Japan),Syntax Design(Germany)…etc.