Everything starts with zero on the design axis. Pursuing various issues and standards of each design process, multiple clusters gradually came into shape. Each piece is refined independently to create infinite possibilities, depicting our vision of the bright future.

[ percentum ] breaks the way of presenting individual pieces and analyzes their projections toward the future. We spread out the process, leading you into these diverse spacetimes of the pieces to experience the 24%, 120%, and 1460% of design.

[ percentum ] originates from the Latin word; it is an accumulation of four-year design learning and the beginning of our future. Breaking the established imagination of percentage to create infinite possibilities. See-through the darkness; the surprises lie in the scene.

percentum – 2022 SCID Graduate Exhibition shows the 47 graduate students with their 78 pieces of design works. Each participant works independently from a particular ratio in design fields. The various graduation projects, including mobile vehicles, lifestyle products, materials and crafts, and public issues, made up a diversified exhibition.

We invite you to immerse yourself in it, enjoy all the possibilities brought by design.

% Shih Chien Exhibition 2022.5.14 – 2022.5.20 Shih Chien University Building M, B1

Online Exhibition : https://2022percentumscid.com/