About Us

Department of Industrial Design was established in 1992. Under the trend and demands of the industry. Master Program and On-job Training Program of the graduate institute were established respectively in 1998 and 1999. The goals for the under-graduate program are “Professionalism, Internationalization, and Industrialization,” whereas “the combination of theories and practices and the interdisciplinary studies across all fields” are set for the graduate programs. In September, 2009, Business Week Magazine reviewed the curricula of S.C.I.D. as one of the TOP 30 World’s Best Design Programs.

The curricula designs are both concentrated on the learning and accumulation of design-related knowledge and the creativity generated through first-hand experiments and practices. The comprehensions, reflections, and judgments derived from discussions on humanity, society and technology also urge student to comprehend the multi-layers of industrial design while they conduct the creating process. We expect that each and every student will be able to develop his/her unique approach toward rationales, methods, and ability in the process of designing.


The idea of our department’s logo is based on abbreviation of s, c, i, and d (Department of Industrial Design, Shih Chien University). It was inspired by Chinese Fortune Seal, the four letters were arranged according to the traditional arrangement of the seal. The professional seal master composed the letters inside the circle that symbolizes perfection, also contains the message of predicting the future by reviewing the past.

The logo contains our traditional culture and the uniqueness of our department and thus will represent us in the global design field.