Picnic Base

Mau-Fu Du    Liang-Yu Hao|Kitchen Design

Integrated Product Design 1&2, 2015

Golden Pin Design Award 2015 – Best Design  Nominees

Kitchen 1080x1800x900 Connection 290x165x15 Tray 390x230x18 Platter 150x710x22 (mm)

Wood, Brass, Iron, Rubber

Picnic gains urbanites in fatuation for itself by its magic. Pull people from the hustle and bustle of the city and engulf them with the nature’s glamour .The same euphoria is occurring in “Picnic Base”. In this paradise, folks own a perfect opportunity to enjoy various delicacy outdoors. In a place selected by themselves, customers can witness how the chef turns the beautiful fresh into irresistible yummy, and simultaneously have a great time with family or friends in a heavenly ambience.

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