Mr.Tough 銀髮樂團

Designer //  吳柏翰 / Po-Han Wu    陳育嬋 / Yu-Chan Chen

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Discipline //  Interactive Design & UI/UX Design

除了生理照護之外,也應該關心長者的心理健康。MR.TOUGH 藉由將音樂的高門檻簡化,透過樂團合奏的音樂遊戲,增加長者在遊戲中的交流和互動,並藉由軟體紀錄和教學輔助,讓長者能感受演奏音樂的歡樂,演奏出閃耀的第二人生。

Comparing to life care, you should care more about the senior’s mental health. MR. TOUGH is a set of musical entertainment products for the senior. With integrated software and hardware, it is easy to get started for the senior and provides a platform for them to play in a band while improving their mental health and living a wonderful life.