Smartly Mixed 湊.巧

Designer //  林志倫 / Chih-Lun Lin

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Discipline //  Cutlery Design

手搖飲就像台灣文化的縮影,看似任意混合,卻特別好喝,而從台灣人身上也可以看到一樣的邏輯,人們會因使用需求或習慣,挪用日常物件原本的功能,合情合理地混搭使用。巧妙湊合,剛好實用; 目的達成,不拘小節。我試圖將「功能」作為串聯不同物件的「鍵結」,用一套專屬的器具去呈現並記載手搖飲這項獨特的飲食文化。

Bubble tea is a microcosm of Taiwanese culture. It tastes great even with a seemingly arbitrary mixture. We can see the same logic for people in Taiwan while handling daily objects. By habits or needs, people divert objects with different functions into reasonably mixed usages. I tried to use functionality as a knot to connect different objects into a series.