Asleep Bag 高海拔地區露營睡袋

Designer // 張緯珍 / Wei-Chen Chang

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Discipline //  Product Design

Asleep bag 針對高海拔山區露營者,在日夜溫差大的氣候條件下容易有頻尿的狀況,尤其在深夜時走出帳篷更是極端煎熬,只要直覺的上拉抽繩即可收合睡袋下擺,直接走出帳篷,避免強烈溫差下造成失溫、著涼的風險,帶給露營者更保暖舒適的體驗。

Because the temperature can drop dramatically at night, high-altitude mountain campers often need to face callings from nature. Especially when they leave the warm sleeping bags at night, campers feel extreme torment. They have to hold their urine or lose heat and get cold.