Fitter Happier 辦公室玩具

Designer //  畢劭軒 / Shao-Hsuan Pi

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Discipline //  Toy Design

持續處在工作壓力下的工作者需要一個抒發的管道,卻又不能因此停止工作。Fitter Happier 是一組能夠在工作時短暫轉換心情的桌上型玩具。以機械式的旋轉,結合工作情境,讓工作時備忘錄與書寫多了分互動,少了分壓力。

Workers who continue to work under pressure need a way to release stress while working nonstop. Fitter Happier is a set of desktop toys that can change your moods at work. With mechanical rotation, combined with work situations, the writting memorandum is more interactive and less stressful.