Chi-Coffee 品咖啡

Designer //  羅子琇 / Tzu-Shiu Lo

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Discipline //  Product Design

「當西方的飲品進入東方,我們如何將相對應的器物融合我們的文化,讓他們適切地存在? 」在我的記憶中,咖啡配上的不是優雅的房間與西式蛋糕,而是伴著家中古董家具與中式糕點,我想製作一套煮具,搭配家中的氛圍。參考常用的器皿、碗、甕、茶杯的造型,以元素高足、杯口外擴、重心偏低的線條作為基底,簡化後創作出一套具有現代感的東方咖啡煮具。

“When Western drinks enter the East, how do we integrate it into our culture ?” My coffee goes with autique funiture and Chinese pastries instead of Western-style fancy rooms and cakes. I wanted to make a set of utensils that matchs the atmosphere in my home. I used bowls, and teacups as references. The elements of high feet, wide rim of cup, and low center of gravity were used to simplify the creation of a modern Chinese coffee cooking set.