Crew Collection 它們

Designer //  李宛儒 / Wan-Ru Lee

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Discipline //  Furniture Design

在觀察共同工作者使用辦公空間的需求與工作方式的過程中,發現他們需要的是一個能夠彈性變換模式的空間。因此 Crew Collection 藉由模組化可升降結構,結合可塑性高且包覆性強的軟墊。使用者只需透過便捷地操作及組合,便能構築出理想的使用環境。

“Crew” is a furniture collection used in working space. As co-working becomes more common, it redefines the way we work. Through combining adjustable modular structure with high coverage flexible material, It allows users to work conveniently and rest peacefully in all the circumstances. Crew is designed to build an ideal working space.