flip the cube ! 翻轉沙發椅

Designer //  黃璿真 / Hsuan-Chen Huang

Contact //  daisyhuang8844510@gmail.com

Discipline //  Furniture Design

共宅住戶重視人際之間的互動,期待透過定期舉辦聚會進行多方交流,找回家的樣貌及溫度。Flip the Cube! 藉由椅墊的任意角度旋轉結構改變現有傢俱型態,在不變的空間中提供不同模式符合使用情境,透過翻轉椅墊的動作開啟人與人對話的機會,引導使用者進行多向交流。

The co-housing residents value the interaction between people, expecting to build the feeling of home. “Flip the Cube” changes its form by rotating cushion in any angle, and provides different models for different using situations. The flipping action gives people a chance to start up a conversation with others.