Xixi in Magic Forest 西西的魔法森林

Designer //  徐若芸 / Jo-Yun Hsu

Contact //  jaune.yh@gmail.com

Discipline //  Interactive Design

配合 AR 故事 APP ,讓小朋友透過拿在手上的紙偶角色,從真實的立體書場景中探索虛擬世界的故事,看手上的紙偶角色活起來。配合故事語音,讓小朋友自由探索故事內容。陪小巫師西西去魔法森林裡探險、收集各種寶貝吧!一路上遇到的朋友們又會帶來什麼樣的驚喜呢?

With AR storytelling APP, kids can explore stories with physical cartoon figure in hand on pop-up book. With the help of audio guidance, they can turn the figures into life. Go on an adventure with Xixi and friends in the magic forest and find out what surprises will be revealed in hand!