MuseMate 室內展演代步輔具

Designer // 林俐曄 / Li-Yeh Lin

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Discipline //  Product Design

MuseMate 幫助有意願四處參觀展演空間卻因體力上限制的高齡族群,在大型展覽空間內設計一部以靠坐方式搭乘的電動代步車,能減少身體負荷量並與同行者一同盡興的遊覽,不像是一般的輪椅租借,MuseMate 能更靈活的移動並提升銀髮族的外出體驗。

MuseMate helps the elderly who want to visit exhibition while with physical limits. An mobility device in forms of sitting back was set in a large exhibition space, which reduces the burden of body and helps visit exhibitions with others. Not like the rental of wheelchair, MuseMate offers a better mobility and improves the outing experience of the elderly.