QuicKoat 馬拉松雨衣

Designer // 朱昱維 / Yu-Wei Chu

Contact // s840919kobeclb@gmail.com

Discipline //  Wear Design

QuicKoat 幫助戶外運動選手,爭取比賽成績,不被天氣因素影響。平時以袖套的形式佩戴在運動員手上,遇到雨天可快速展開為雨衣,材質防水,兼具彈性、透氣性,符合運動機能。避免選手失溫,提高雨天運動安全性,解決了傳統雨衣耗費時間拖慢比賽成績的困擾。

QuicKoat helps outdoor sport players to compete for performance and is not affected by weather conditions. It is usually worn in the arms as a sleeve, can be quickly transformed into raincoat in rainy days. It’s waterproof material, flexible, breathable, and in line with motor function. To avoid the player from losing temperature, it improves the safety of sports in rainy days, and solve the trouble that traditional raincoats slow down the performance of the game.