OU-Bum 嬰兒清洗便座

Designer //  江英華 / Ying -Hua Chiang

Contact //  vivian09281@gmail.com

Discipline //  Babies & Toddlers Design

全職媽媽們生活中雜事繁多,一天多次的更換尿布,清潔嬰兒屁屁後總是滿身狼狽,媽媽們需要的是更迅速、簡單且安全的方法。運用現有的馬桶,OU-Bum 嬰兒專屬便座給予嬰兒安全的支撐,且清潔簡單,汙水直接進馬桶,媽媽可以迅速的完成清洗嬰兒屁屁。

Stay-at-home moms are busy dealing with everything at home. Multiple times of diaper changing and bum cleaning are pain in the neck. Moms need more efficient way instead. OU-Bum is specially designed for babies. It can be placed on toilets, and provides steady back support, making it safer and easier for cleaning baby bums.