Précis 低壓烤箱

Designer //  江英華 / Ying-Hua Chiang

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Discipline //  Product Design

世界對於食物的認知都有既定概念,食物本質的變化和烹調只有運用科學才能找到突破。 Précis 是烘焙專門的烤箱,運用PV=nRT公式,以空氣壓力改變烘焙的膨脹,追求在視覺和口感上的美味突破。

The world envisions, writes and learns about food in a certain way. Using fundamental science is revolutionary and the only way to see the essence of food. Précis, the baked goods oven, utilizing PV=nRT, ajdusting air pressure in search of breakthrough and in the sense of taste.