DarkMoon 黑月

Designer // 吳永宇 / Yong-Yu Wu

Contact // cannonwyy@gmail.com

Discipline //  Wear Design

Dark Moon 幫助居住在多人宿舍的大學生,獲得安穩的睡眠。耳罩內含降噪麥克風和喇叭,能主動偵測外界聲音並將其抵消,配合自動適應面部輪廓的遮光眼罩,能隔絕舍友的聲光干擾。避免舍友間不愉快的溝通,同時守護使用者安穩的睡眠。

Dark Moon helps college students residing in multi-unit dorms to get a good night’s sleep. The earmuffs contain noise-reducing microphones and speaker, which can actively detect external noises and cancel them out. In conjunction with the eye masks that block light, they can reduce the interference from roommates. Avoid uncomfortable communication between roommates while guarding the user’s sleep.