More Than Real 真世界


新一代設計展 專刊,2017


“Whatever flash in eyes are real”

Our imaginations of the real, be it worry, fear, joy,

or hope, are parts of the world where we live.

The surmises spread and stretch to the infinite

future, though blurred and vague, like numerous

stars in the night sky.

Yet, witness with me, the traditional crafts being

preserved and blended well into our daily lives, the

youth being taken care of and hence safely grown

up, and all the beautiful things prosperously

extend to the corner of mind.

Through design, we collect dreams of people and

bring them to your eyes. They are real, in the true

world, more than real.


「凡你我眼中所見, 皆是真實。」

存於生活中各種對於真實世界的想像, 是擔憂; 是恐

懼; 是歡欣鼓舞, 是期許。那多如夜空中繁星的夢幻臆

想, 一路延伸到無窮遠的未來, 仍然模糊不清。

但我希望你能看見, 看見傳統技藝悠遠的流傳下去, 並

且融入日常生活; 看見弱小的生命受到良好照顧, 健康

安全的長大; 看見一切美的事物, 在生活週遭蔓延。

透過設計, 將所有夢境彙集在一起, 形成眾人心中所

想、不僅止於現實的樣子, 並帶到你眼前。


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