Synergies, Cross-Departments International Design Initiative 2015

Liong Ein Ling, Inaugurator and chief inspector of design, Design Sojourn, Singapore
Yi-Ching Chang, Dean, School of Design SCU
Sheng-Feng Lin, associate professor, Architecture Design
Sally Lin, assistant professor, Industrial Design
Kang-Ning Qin, Lecturer, Fashion Design
En-Wei Huang, assistant professor, Media Communication
Jun-Qing Ye, assistant professor, Media Communication

Cross-Departments International Design, 2015

Place: Shih Chien University


S.C.U. + Design Sojourn, Singapore

Exploring and Designing the Relationship between Design and Business


In Jan 2015, we invite Professor Ling Liong Ein, Brian, the founder of Design Sojourn (Singapore), as our guest main faculty to instruct this annual event. Prof. Ling would like all students to bring your individual thinking and research to the workshop, and then facilitate a conversation with students to help students build a shared vision of design and what design could do. Final project is to build a set of tools, activities, functions and roles, to help organizations understand design so that students can bring designers and non-designers closer together.

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