Red Dot Internship

Fong Jiang, Student, SCID
Xing-Chi Ou, Student, SCID

International Internship, 2014

Place: Germany

Time: 2014

Red Dot design HQ + SCID

The Department of Industrial Design selected two students to have practical training at the Red Dot Design HQ in Germany, i.e., master student, 2nd year, Qu Xing-Chi, undergraduate student, junior, Jiang Fong, and they flew to Germany to have practical training for three months with pay in mid-January, 2015.
The Reddot internship creates an opportunity for students to witness the process of managing and awarding the Reddot design award first hand. It begins with the logistic portion, receiving and sorting the entire product submission. The next stage involves assisting the judging portion of the award. After the judging is finished there is a second logistic phase where all the products are sorted and packaged. The final part of the internship involves preparation work on the next award.

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