Global Design Initiative

Tadanori Nagasawa, President, Musashino University
Philipp Heidkamp, Dean of the Faculty for Cultural Sciences, K.I.S.D.
Nicholas Rhodes, Program Leader of Product,
Ceramic and Industrial Design Central Saint Martins, U.A.L.
Venka Purushothaman, Vice President, L.a.S.a.l.l.e. College of The Arts
Wan-Ru Chou, associate professor, S.C.I.D.

International Workshop,2015

Place: LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore


S.C.U. + U.A.L. + M.U. + K.I.S.D. + L.A.S.A.L.L.E.

This project has a number of objectives: to investigate intercultural learning, to understand the use of narrative in design, the use of cultural artefacts/behaviours/places as source material for design intervention, and to gain insight into the values, aspirations and concerns of a new generation of designers.

Develop a design intervention based on your responses to a given cultural manifestation (place/practice/behaviour/artefact) to provide a response to a chosen topic which may be self-selected or chosen from the list provided. Students will be assigned to different groups.


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