Enamel Experiment

An Hsu|Ceiling Lamp


Integrated Product Design 1&2, 2015

Best of Young Pin Design Award
Design Veture Challenge, Benchmark Award

Lamp1 330x330x520
Lamp2 220x220x380
Lamp3 220x220x365
Lamp4 200x200x310
Lamp5 250x250x280

enamel, tinplate, aluminium, stainless, electroplating silver

“Observing and find some interesting. ” blah

Enamel is a coating similar to glaze, except it is applied to metal surface instead of clay. It has greater potential than glaze in compacison, in terms of the tougher and more flexible nature.

The difference between enamel and glaze may lead to completely different product in scale. However, the enamel coating is rarely used in products in daily life. Enamel Experiment Project is a series of home living product using recycled metal coated with enamel, in order to demonstrate the greater possibility of actual usage.

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