Cross-Departments International Design Initiative 2015

Ann Merete Ohrt, Fashion Designer MA, Head of BA and MA Fashion Design, K.A.D.K.
Kirsten Marie Raahauge (Ph.D), Associate Professor, K.A.D.K.

Cross-Departments Design Workshop, 2015

Place: College of Design, USC


S.C.U. + K.A.D.K.

Mapping Design Students’ Aesthetics And Visual Preferences

We are interested in exploring and mapping young designers and architects aesthetics and visual preferences in research; to observe and discuss with you how you collect and select visual research and inspiration within a given theme, how you organize or compose it within a given framework, and how you interpret, analyse and verbalize your visual research into your design practices, artistic research, theoretical research and general methods and processes.

As part of our design research ”Mapping Design Students’ Aesthetic and Visual Preferences” we are interested in comparing and mapping cultural differences, similarities and preferences in young designers design approach in order to understand how globalization and localization influence design. It is also the purpose to investigate how different teaching methods and “didactics” influence the way the young designers understand the practice and notion of design.

In this way we hope to broaden the importance of design and to gain knowledge and understanding of how design is conceived, practiced and taught.

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