Meta Object

YODEX Year Book, 2015

The time when objects were understood as “bounded entities” has gone. The true, critical subject of design, now we know, is the meta-objects that are activated through application.

It all began with the explosive growth of software and the never ending expansion of the inter-net. As the “internet of things” is said about to “down-load” the order governed by meta-objects to the tradition-al terrains of industrial design, we suddenly realize that we have been working on making “meta-objects,” rather than the short-handed “objects.” That’s why objects, which mattered and will become more so because of their “meta-objectness,” will only be more prosperous and releasing more human potential in the age of internet.

Computers actualize “systems” by activating “meta-ob-jects” in runtime. In the same logic, design works best when it knows to stay in the meta-objective world of “in-betweeness,” where nature and culture, soft and hard, discipline and freedom are synchronically made possible and peace. Once objects are thereafter “unbounded,” problems haunting us will be hinted with clues toward true solutions, because we start to learn designing objects in “meta-object” ways.

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