Shio 地震防護牆

Designer //  朱昱維 / Yu-Wei Chu

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Discipline //  Public Facility Design

Shio 是一面電子廣告螢幕,於公共空間發生地震時保護民眾。Shio提早預測地震15秒,於螢幕警示。拉下拉把啟動機構後,下翻形成空間抵禦落石,震後可從內部拿取逃生用品:水、照明、哨子、氧氣罩,延長等待救援時間。

“Shio” is an electronic advertising screen that protects the public”from the earthquake. “Shio” predicts the earthquake 15 seconds earlier and displays a warning message on the screen. People can pull down the handle to launch the mechanism, then turn it down into a space to resist the falling rock. After the earthquake, you can use the escape supplies inside: water, lighting, whistle, oxygen mask, in order to extending the possible rescue time .