Oceansis 海難集水裝置

Designer //  林語千 / Yu-Chien Lin

Contact //  linchigo999@gmail.com

Discipline //  Tool Design

Oceansis 是一個安裝於開放式救生艇上的急難求生裝置,使用蒸發作用淨化海水,讓發生棄船式船難的遇難者能維持生命機能,延長生存時數和提高獲救機率。利用單向透光鏡讓光線和輻射在裝置內多次反射增加蒸發效率,穩定提供淨水。

“Oceansis” is an emergency survival device attached to the lifeboat. It purifies water through evaporation process and helps survivors from shipwreck to maintain their body functions. The one-way lens makes beams and rays reflect multiple times in the device, and improves the efficiency of evaporation , in order to provide clean water on a stable basis.