Ocean Helper 海洋助手

Designer //  謝舜丞 / Shun-Cheng Hsieh

Contact //  b9b8b7xx@gmail.com

Discipline //  Product Design

海洋廢棄物的問題日益嚴重,尤其是卡在海底的廢棄物回收處理是更加困難,只能依靠潛水員下水以人力清理,現存的清理步驟不僅繁瑣,而且海洋垃圾又散落四處,以此兩點作為發想來設計Ocean Helper。

Nowadays, we have such a big problem in ocean, especially the garbage is stocked underwater. This garbage can only be cleaned by divers. Today we have such a complicated process and the garbage are scattered everywhere. With two points, I start to design ocean helper.