Go Boxing 拳力訓練鞋

Designer //  謝舜丞 / Shun-Cheng Hsieh

Contact //  b9b8b7xx@gmail.com

Discipline //  Fashion Design

藉由分析出拳的基本動作發現腳步的扭轉正是出拳的基礎,使用分析結果來判斷出鞋面上受張力區塊,藉由彈性材料以及皮革的搭配來完成扭轉的需求, 再使用鞋面上的繩孔搭配彈性繩來符合不同強度練習的鬆緊。

By analyzing the movement of boxing, we found that the twisting of foot is the base of boxing. With the analysis we highlight the tension part on shoes surface and combine elastic fabric and leather to fulfill the needs. In addition, people can use elastic rope to tight their shoes in many types to match with different training.