Eldernext 穿戴式下肢肌力訓練裝置

Designer //  吳順崴/ Shun-Wei Wu    張鈺/ Yu Chang

Contact //  stonecrack2014@gmail.com    megan850928@gmail.com

Discipline //  Product Design

整合穿戴裝置與APP 的下肢肌力訓練裝置,期望提供中老年族群一項自主的居家訓練運動方案。藉由穿戴裝置的感測器記錄肌肉施力等數據,與提升姿勢正確率的輔助器材,並結合APP 的互動教學進行正確且有效的訓練,避免肌力退化並維持肌力健康。

“Eldernext” is a muscle strength training system integrating smart wearable devices and mobile application. By detecting muscle contraction and movement with device sensors, mobile app prompts users with correct gesture when doing training session. The interactive training program in the app provides a series of training to postpone degradation.